7 Jun 2022

Media: TVNZ debacle, China's Pacific tour restricts access, Sky TV on the block

From Nine To Noon, 11:45 am on 7 June 2022

Media commentator Andrew Holden joins Kathryn to talk about the departure of Breakfast host Kamahl Santamaria and the challenge it's created for new TVNZ CEO Simon Power.

The recent visit by China's Foreign Minister to the Pacific highlighted tensions between the country's approach to the media and local journalists covering it.

And Sky TV is back on the block, with reports two private equity groups have been encouraged to look into a buyout.

Andrew Holden is a journalist for more than 30 years including five as Editor of The Press (in Christchurch) and four as Editor-in-Chief of The Age in Melbourne.

The departure of TVNZ Breakfast host Kamahl Santamaria will be a challenge for new CEO Simon Power.  Photo: TVNZ