19 Apr 2022

Kiwi earthquake tech goes global

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 19 April 2022
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Photo: EQC

Kiwi technology to warn of an earthquake is going global.  EQC and Massey University scientists have tested low cost early warning sensors, with an ambition to give up to 30 seconds notice of a quake, working closely with Geonet's wider network.The project has made significant steps from a vision to hard data, and has successfully developed algorithms that can drive an early warning system. The findings were published recently in Informatics, a leading Swiss open access journal on information and communication technologies, in an article titled "Saving Precious Seconds", and have also gained interest from scientists all over the world who have jumped on board to share their information. In fact, as lead scientist Raj Prasanna tells Lynn Freeman, the Kiwi project has unexpectedly created an amazing new global community of excellence.