8 Feb 2022

Dogs: The Untold Story - Matt Brandon

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 8 February 2022
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Photo: Animal Planet - Dogs: The Untold Story

Kathryn speaks with the producer of a documentary series on the evolution of dogs, narrated by dog-lover and Downton Abbey's own Hugh Bonneville. 

An estimated billion dogs live with and alongside us and there are four hundred breeds in all shapes and sizes. 

The Untold Story of Dogs travels the world to show how canines have enhanced many aspects of our lives: from detecting cancer and fighting beside us in battle to defending threatened species against extinction.  

The show blends traditional documentary and storytelling and uncovers scientific research being carried out on both domesticated and wild dogs.

Matt Brandon is the UK based series producer of Dogs: The Untold Story, at Plimsoll Productions group, who made it for Discovery Channel.