1 Feb 2022

Business commentator Pattrick Smellie

From Nine To Noon, 11:05 am on 1 February 2022

Pattrick talks to Kathryn about the IRD figures that show that a lot of business owners declared dividends last year, and paid tax in advance on those dividends, in order to avoid having to pay the new 39% top personal tax rate if those dividends were declared in the future.

All legal, logical and an interesting insight into how business owners think.

Also, aluminium prices are booming and there are signs of a worldwide shortage as energy costs, which are rising in the current global inflationary environment. What does this mean for Rio Tinto at the Bluff smelter?.

21586193 - a vibrant sunrise overlooking bluff aluminium smelter new zealand

Photo: ekays/123RF

Pattrick Smellie is the editor and co-founder of BusinessDesk and has reported on the New Zealand economy and business since 1983.