14 Dec 2021

The Cleanery: creating eco cleaning products that work

From Nine To Noon, 11:30 am on 14 December 2021

When he was 14, engineer Mark Sorensen wrote an essay about the plastic packaging problem - and how it might be fixed. 

Now, nearly three decades later, he and his wife Ellie Brade have created a new cleaning product that does away with plastic bottles. 

The Cleanery sells small sachets of powder that's added to water in a spray bottle and shaken - then ready to use. 

The business is one of eight companies chosen to take part in the Climate Change Accelerator programme, run by Creative HQ in Wellington and supported by Callaghan Innovation. 

And it's caught the attention of the founder of Lewis Road Creamery and marketing guru Peter Cullinane, who has also joined the team to help spread the word.

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Photo: Supplied