30 Sep 2021

Companies challenged by covid supply chain calling for help

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 30 September 2021
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Photo: https://patney.com

Of the many companies grappling with the uncertainties of the pandemic in their forward planning, Frances Anderson is the inventor of the Patney pillow, shown to reduce snoring, and the founder of the 3 year old Hamilton based company of the same name. Covid supply chain challenges, and international shipping costs that have increased tenfold due to the pandemic, have led to the company putting a pause on any more shipments to New Zealand of their product for the meantime, though it is still selling existing stock. What kind of support could help these small companies with the adjustments they need to make - protecting their IP, their customer bases, and making decisions about scaling down until better times?  Frances Anderson's business was born out of her own life-long struggle to find a solution to her snoring.