29 Jul 2021

Proposed changes to surrogacy law

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 29 July 2021
Photo of newborn baby feet

Photo: 123RF

The Law Commission is publishing an issues paper about the review of surrogacy law, submissions on which are invited until 23rd September 2021.  Proposals for an overhaul of New Zealand's surrogacy law would grant intended parents immediate rights and give surrogate mothers more financial support and protection, including from exploitation. Currently the surrogate mother holds all the legal rights to parenthood, until intended parents complete an adoption process to assume legal responsibility for their new child.  Reform of the surrogacy law would remove this step, instead requiring the surrogate mother to sign over responsibility, following a comprehensive pre-approval process. Other proposed changes to the law include giving children better information about their gestational mother and whakapapa.  Kathryn speaks with Principal Adviser at the Law Commission, Nichola Lambie.