Sailors on the global hunt for conservation projects to share

From Nine To Noon, 10:11 am on 21 July 2021

Five years ago, while living in Amsterdam, Floris van Hees and Ivar Smits decided to quit their jobs - fix up their boat, and set sail on a trip around the world. More than a holiday, their plan was to find and share stories of people all over the globe working on projects to restore or protect the environment.  They set out, stopping first in European countries close by, before sailing down to the Africa, across to South America and eventually winding up here, in New Zealand. Visiting 24 countries before they reached our shores, and documenting 52 stories on their website Sailors for Sustainability. The Covid-19 pandemic has stalled them somewhat, they've been here in New Zealand waiting for the world to open up again for the past six months.