31 May 2021

Jono Broom: Delivering the perfect bag of coffee beans

From Nine To Noon, 11:40 am on 31 May 2021

It's a most modern business model - take an online quiz and an algorithm will then match you to your perfect blend of coffee, a bag of which will be delivered to your door a few days later.

The new online business Bean Merchant is the brainchild of Wairarapa-based teacher and coffee fan Jono Broom.

black coffee

Photo: Public domain

The Bean Merchant quiz collates individual flavour preferences - such as 'do you prefer berries or watermelon?' - to identify which coffee has the flavours you like.

This kind of knowledge usually requires more coffee know-how than most of us will ever have, Bloom says.

"People who make coffee at home, they're not looking to understand where the coffee has been gown too much in terms of how it influences the flavour. They just want a really good cup of coffee. We just want to break that information down and deliver that."

Preferred brewing method - such plunger, stovetop etc - and whether you add anything to your brew also factors into Bean Merchant's coffee-matching system, he says.

"If you choose an Aeropress, for example, you're going to get all the flavours that match your flavour profile that are also best brewed through the Aeropress method."

Jono, who is a teacher by day, started getting into coffee when and his partner Maddie bought a coffee machine. On the hunt for the perfect cup of coffee, they started grinding beans at home and buying fresh from local roasters in Christchurch (where they were living).

"[We thought] what if there was a place where you could explore coffee from different roasters all around New Zealand? And we didn't really find that on the internet at the time so tried to create it for ourselves.

"We're kind of the business of supporting New Zealanders to make really sensational coffee at home, no matter how they brew it."

So far, Bean Merchant has five New Zealand coffee roasters onboard - Tanna Coffee, Prima, Sacred Grounds, Altezano Bros and Merito.

Jono Broom of Bean Merchant enjoys a cuppa with his partner Maddie Hullena.

 Jono Broom of Bean Merchant enjoys a cuppa with his partner Maddie Hullena Photo: Supplied/ Bean Merchant