26 May 2021

Greening the construction industry

From Nine To Noon, 9:36 am on 26 May 2021

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Image of engineer or architectural project, two engineering discussing and working on blueprint with architect equipment, Construction concept.

Photo: 123RF

A leading architecture firm says the key to reducing carbon emissions in the construction industry will be to repurpose existing buildings, rather than building new structures.

Jasmax is behind some of the country's biggest builds, including Te Papa, the Sir Paul Reeves centre in Auckland and Burwood Hospital in Christchurch.

It's one of 50 industry groups, including companies such as Beca, Fletcher Building, Naylor Love and L.T McGuinness, calling on the government to deliver on its pledge to reduce carbon emissions in crown construction projects.

As the largest and most significant owner and occupier of buildings in the country, the government's commitment is seen as vital and a potential tipping point to transform the industry.

Kathryn speaks with Jasmax architect Chris Scott, and Andrew Eagles, the chief executive of the Green Building Council.