3 May 2021

Mylk Made

From Nine To Noon, 11:36 am on 3 May 2021

Mylk Made is a new plant-based milk concentrate that can be easily made up at home.

Jemma Turner and her mother Corinne Turner are behind the Christchurch-based company, whose milk-making method is inspired by one that Jemma observed in Lombok, Indonesia.

Mylk Made

Photo: Mylk Made

Jemma tells Kathryn Ryan that it never felt right buying plant-based milk in tetra packs from the supermarket.

When she and her partner returned to NZ after living in Lombok they gave a crack at using the Lombok method to create a waste-free way for people to make plant-based milk at home.

They worked over a year to develop the right range of flavours, Jemma says, these are coco-nut, hearty hemp, creamy lavender, rich hazelnut, absolute almond and nutty oat.

Mylk Made is sold as a smooth paste in glass jars.

The pastes are made from whole nut and seeds ground in a stone grinder which is a cross between a food processor and concrete mixer, Jemma says.

The product is 98 percent waste-free (apart from the sticker on the jar) and lasts for 9 months - opened or unopened.

To make instant fresh nut milk, you add 1 tablespoon of Mylk Made base and 350ml of water to a blender, then mix it on high for 10 to 20 seconds, Jennifer says. It can be used hot or cold.

Mylk Made currently has 30 stockists nationwide - most independently owned wholefoods stores.