8 Apr 2021

Could travel bubble cause skills spill to Australia?

From Nine To Noon, 9:05 am on 8 April 2021
Construction, cranes above buildings, generic.

Photo: Unsplash / EJ Yao

The Trans-Tasman bubble could risk skilled engineering and allied professionals leaving for Australia, deepening the shortage here, and making it harder to complete large infrastructure projects, according to the Association of Consulting and Engineering New Zealand.

ACE New Zealand represents over two hundred consulting and engineering firms employing approximately 13,500 staff.

It's just surveyed members about staffing needs, and found that the sector needs 2100 staff to meet current and future needs - and 460 of these are overseas based specialists.

Chief Executive of ACE New Zealand, Helen Davidson, says the travel bubble with Australia has the potential to make thing much harder.

She speaks with Kathryn along with Fletcher Construction Chief Executive Peter Reidy, who is also the chair of the industry leaders' group, set up to work with government on these issues.