29 Mar 2021

Making the most of autumn's gold: Feijoas

From Nine To Noon, 11:38 am on 29 March 2021
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Autumn is here and so are feijoas - but what if you have too many?

Feijoa chutney is really easy to make, says Sharon McNabb who sells homemade preserves under the label Get Pickled.

Sharon has four feijoa trees on her property in Wellsford, north of Auckland, and every year they yield 50 or 60 kilos of feijoa pulp which she freezes for pickling later.


Feijoa Chutney

My Feijoa Chutney recipe I have developed for a more savoury than sweet palate. Feel free to tinker with it for your own personal preference.

Feijoa Jam

I created this jam a few years ago, it's a little different but is so yummy. It's a great pour-over on ice cream, pancakes or, not sure if anyone these days makes steam puddings or crumble puddings like my Mum and Nan used to.