11 Dec 2020

Feel good Xmas giving: The Good Registry

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 11 December 2020

For people keen to 'give the gift of giving' this Christmas,  The Good Registry is an online platform that enables the gift of charity donations.

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The Good Registry allows people on the receiving end to create a personal registry on the site for a specific charity and ask people to give to that. Those on the giving end can gift credited electronic cards which allow the recipient to choose who their donation goes to.

The Good Registry gift cards are especially popular as a staff present, says co-founder Christine Langdon.

In previous years 'sustainable gifting' was viewed as giving something reusable like a keep cup or a drink bottle, but people are now more conscious of their spending power and the impact on the planet of whatever they buy, she tells Kathryn Ryan.

"A lot of people came out of the lockdown with the sense that they had enough .. and maybe they didn't need to acquire more this year."

New Zealand charities are especially in need at this time as many have lost money through fundraising events that couldn't be held due to Covid-19 and also the growing unmet needs in our communities, Langdon says.

The Good Registry represents a broad cross-section of charities, including the Mental Health Foundation, the SPCA. City Missions and Fertility New Zealand.

90 percent of any donation given via The Good Registry goes directly to the charity, 7 percent covers administration costs and 3 percent covers credit card fees.