9 Nov 2020

Huge rise in Aucklanders driving to work vs bus or cycle

From Nine To Noon, 9:25 am on 9 November 2020
Traffic on Auckland's motorway following a crash in the northbound lanes. 22 September 2020.

Photo: NZTA

Are our planners on the right track when it comes to investment in public transport, bus and cycling lanes?

Statistics from the 2018 census show that in Auckland, growth in private motor vehicle commutes to work over the last five years has exceeded patronage increase in buses, trains walking and cycling combined.

There were just over 609,000 private vehicle trips to work in Auckland in 2018 compared with just under 127,000 trips made by bus, train, cycling and walking.

Former Chief Executive of Infrastructure New Zealand, now independent consultant, Stephen Selwood, tells Kathryn the statistics challenge conventional transport wisdom.