14 Sep 2020

Closing the 'aspiration gap'

From Nine To Noon, 9:30 am on 14 September 2020

You might have heard about the 'gender pay gap' but what about the gender 'aspiration gap' ?

That's when fewer women at every stage of their career aspire to leadership roles, compared to men.

Dani Paxson, is an American structural engineer based in New Zealand, who has helped to survey trends in engineering, where 20 per cent of graduates entering the industry are women, but that dwindles to about 2 per cent in the leadership roles.

Dani Paxson has served on the Executive Board of Directors for Women in Construction Operations, the NCSEA Structural Engineering Engagement and Equity Committee, and on the planning committees for the 2015 and 2016 American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Powerful Conferences.

She is now Project Director with Holmes Consulting, where she is on their Diversity and Inclusion Committee.