19 Aug 2020

Lessons from lockdown

From Nine To Noon, 9:44 am on 19 August 2020
Portrait of asian male student reading book in university

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A new report on learning in the first lockdown finds inequities in the education system were highlighted and made worse. The report by The Education Hub, a  non-profit organisation set up to promote cooperation with the education sector, is based on a survey of over 300 teachers, parents and students from across the country about their experiences of schooling during the eight week shutdown in March, April and May. The report finds that while a minority of students and teachers enjoyed distance learning, the majority felt important aspects of schooling were lost. Kathryn speak with founder of The Education Hub, Auckland University Senior Lecturer, Dr Nina Hood, who says lockdown shone a light on existing inequities such as students without devices, internet, a physical space to learn in or access to family support.