21 Jul 2020

Bold or bonkers? Doing business in uncertain times

From Nine To Noon, 11:40 am on 21 July 2020
Asher Boot

Asher Boot Photo: supplied

It takes courage to re-brand and re-launch a 30-year-old business, and common sense would tell you that in hard economic times, or in the middle of a pandemic it's quite possibly a bad idea. But that's just what Asher Boote did, with the iconic Wellington restaurant, the Tinakori Bistro (now Daisy's) and he hopes it  will be inspirational to others in the hospitality industry. Asher Boote has also bought a quarter acre plot in Shannon to secure his food supply, in uncertain times. What's more it's regenerative, as the waste from all his four kitchens will be used as compost for the garden. As well as Daisy's Asher Boote runs Hillside Kitchen, The Ramen Shop and Bol.