19 Jun 2020

Anthony Byrt - The Mirror Steamed Over

From Nine To Noon, 10:08 am on 19 June 2020

Award-winning Kiwi writer on contemporary art, Anthony Byrt tells Lynn Freeman about his new book The Mirror Steamed Over, which explores ideas of shifting personal and sexual  identity and a key moment in cultural history, when individualism started to shape the contemporary art world.  It's a study of three Kiwi maverick outsiders and friends who met at the Royal College of Art, and who contributed to the transformation of Britain's contemporary art scene.  The main focus in Anthony's book is Kiwi graphic designer Barrie Bates, who would become Billy Apple in 1962, and who cut his teeth in Auckland where he redesigned the Farmers' logo before leaving for London and New York where he made friends and collaborated with pop art icons David Hockney and Andy Wharhol.