3 Mar 2020

Dr Anita Sands on technology's disruptive power

From Nine To Noon, 10:07 am on 3 March 2020

Dr Anita Sands hails from the east coast of Ireland, but has cemented herself on America's west coast in the heart of Silicon Valley. She's served, or is serving, on the boards of several software and cloud computing companies, including Symantec, ServiceNow and Pure Storage.

She joins Kathryn to talk about how to get girls interested in STEAM subjects, what it'll take to get more women onto the boards of major companies and how technology has impacted on our society, economies - and our democracy.

She's in New Zealand to speak at International Women's Day events this week organised by Global Women, and will speak at a Project Connect event tonight in Auckland on the theme of digital disruption and democracy.

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