3 Dec 2019

Privacy obligations. What business needs to know ahead of new law

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 3 December 2019

Photo: (Flickr user Mike McKenzie Image via www.vpnsrus.com)

The Privacy Act has been setting the boundaries for our right to privacy, especially the collection and disclosure of our personal information, since 1993.

That's set to change early next year when The Privacy Bill, which will replace the 1993 Act, is expected to become law.

And with a greater number of businesses holding vast amounts of our digital information - they're being advised to do more to make sure customers understand how their information is being collected and used.

Tania Goatley from law firm Bell Gully is a privacy specialist.

She says organisations cannot afford to ignore these risks,  and while cyber attacks may be on the rise - the far greater problem is still human error.