2 Dec 2019

Making rare investments: Annette Campbell-White

From Nine To Noon, 10:05 am on 2 December 2019
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New Zealand-born Annette Campbell-White lists collecting books, philanthropy and venture capitalism among her interests.  By "books" she means rare editions from the likes of T.S. Eliot, James Joyce and Joseph Conrad. Also among her collection, letters from Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway. Books aside, Annette smashed the glass ceiling in Wall Street: she was the first biotechnology analyst there and the first female partner at a leading investment banking firm.  She founded venture capital business MedVenture Associates, creating more than $5 billion in cumulative value. As if all that wasn't enough, Annette established the Kia Ora Foundation to help New Zealand musical, science and engineering students.  Annette tells Kathryn Ryan her story, as it appears in her new memoir Beyond Market Value, A Memoir of Book Collecting and the World of Venture Capital.