28 Nov 2019

National landfill levy. How much should we be paying?

From Nine To Noon, 9:09 am on 28 November 2019
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A new national landfill levy scheme could increase six fold in just a few years, with some experts saying it should be even higher. The government is proposing to increase the current levy from 10 dollars per tonne to as much as 60 dollars per tonne by 2023. The levy would also cover all landfill types including industrial, construction and demolition fills.  At $10 per tonne, the current waste disposal levy, set 10 years ago, is among the lowest of any country with a landfill tariff in place. So with recycling advocates and councils broadly agreeing a hike is long overdue how much should we be paying to dispose of our rubbish and what would it take to see us recycle more ? Kathryn discusses with Duncan Wilson from Eunomia Research & Consulting, the authors of 2017  "A Wasted Opportunity" report and Green Gorilla's Graham Bowkett.

Consultation on the new landfill expansion proposals is open now and closes on 3rd February 2020.