27 Aug 2019

USA correspondent - Johnson & Johnson opioid liability

From Nine To Noon, 9:50 am on 27 August 2019
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Lisa Hagen talks to Lynn about the landmark decision which has found the giant drug company Johnson & Johnson liable for its part in fuelling an opioid epidemic in the US state of Oklahoma.

It's been ordered to pay 572-million US dollars - less than the 17-billion sought. 

The case was brought by Oklahoma's Attorney General, who alleged the company fuelled the epidemic by flooding the market with painkillers and should help pay for treatment and prevention programmes.

Also, the difficulties Republicans face trying to unseat the Donald Trump since he has high approval ratings among the base and the Republican Party now fully aligned with him.

And the US President's musings about 'nuking hurricanes' before they make landfall.

Lisa Hagen works for US News covering Congress, campaigns and courts