20 Aug 2019

Parents need lockdown guidelines: report

From Nine To Noon, 9:22 am on 20 August 2019
Armed police at the area where graves are being prepared. 20 March 2019

Photo: AFP

The Police and the Ministry of Education will draw up lockdown guidelines following a report into what happened when schools were ordered to close during the Christchurch massacre.

The review found some schools thought the lockdown request was a hoax, some allowed angry parents to take children home in defiance of police advice and some didn't get police advice at all.

One in four schools lacked food and water for children and in many cases children weren't able to get to toilets. In one case a school evacuated its students because of the risk to the large crowds of parents gathering outside less than 400 metres from one of the mosques under attack.

Lynn talks with Whetu Cormick, President of the Principals' Federation.