24 Jul 2019

Law Commission recommends shake up of break up laws

From Nine To Noon, 9:21 am on 24 July 2019

The days of a straight 50-50 property split in the event of a relationship breakdown could be numbered if  Law Commission recommendations are adopted by the government.

The commission has released its final review of the Property (Relationships) Act, making 140 recommendations, including changes to how the family home is shared.

Rather than the automatic 50-50 split, if the family home was owned by one partner before the relationship began or was a third party gift or inheritance, only the increase in the value of the home during the relationship should be shared.

The Law Commission's Deputy President and lead Commissioner Helen McQueen discusses the recommendations with Kathryn.

Broken family after a bitter divorce settlement and separation with a couple in a bad relationship breaking a house apart showing the concept of a marriage dispute and dividing assets with 3D illustration elements.

Photo: 123RF