27 Jun 2019

Stardust: shifting the stigma of having a parent in prison

From Nine To Noon, 11:26 am on 27 June 2019
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Photo: Mary Egan Publishing

Ivana Mlinac speaks with Kathryn Ryan about helping children overcome stigma and separation anxiety when their parent is in prison.  Ivana's research into parental incarceration inspired to her write children's book Stardust - we always share the same sky.  It's a magical book encouraging children to explore their feelings about missing their mum or dad. In New Zealand 23,000 children have parents in prison, and are often living with financial hardship and bullying in addition to separation anxiety.  Ivana describes these children as having been handed a "secondary sentence".  Ivana has an MA in Criminology, and is a Research Programme Coordinator at the University of Auckland.