Sophie Cunningham: City of Trees

From Nine To Noon, 10:07 am on 16 April 2019
Barmah National Park - located on the Murray River near the town of Barmah, approximately 220 kilometres north of Melbourne. The 28,500 hectare park consists of River Red forest and wetlands

Photo: © Michael Rawle

Australian nature writer Sophie Cunningham's latest book is a passionate treatise to arboreal life; the beautifully written City of Trees - Essays in life, death and the need for a forest.  Part environmental travelogue, it's both personal and political, musing on topics including endangered animals, walking, nature in the city, grief and loneliness.  Disparate subjects which are interconnected here. What ties them together are trees. 

Sophie's essay, Biyala Stories, which is included in this collection, won the 2017 Nature Writing Prize. About the River Red Gum, she says she attempts to understand Melbourne, its history and environment through this tree.

Sophie Cunningham speaks with Kathryn Ryan.