15 Mar 2019

Boeing 737 Max 8 grounding: pilot concerns

From Nine To Noon, 9:42 am on 15 March 2019
(File photo) A Boeing 737 Max 8 destined for Air China, delivered to Zhejiang province in December 2018.

Photo: AFP

The similarities between the two catastrophes with Boeing's 737 Max aircraft are raising  fundamental questions about the aircraft's safety. 

After last weekend's Ethiopian Airlines crash, the entire global fleet of 737 Max aircraft have been grounded.

The cause of the crash hasn't been confirmed but it is the second time in five months a Boeing 737 Max 8 has crashed within minutes of takeoff, killing a total of 346 passengers and crew members.

Kathryn Ryan talks to the Pilot's Association Tim Robison and Mary Schiavo, the former head of the US National Transportation Board and an aviation lawyer.