4 Feb 2019

The Beekeeper of Sinja: Saving Yazidi women

From Nine To Noon, 10:07 am on 4 February 2019
Dunya Mikhail, author of The Beekeeper of Sinja

Dunya Mikhail, author of The Beekeeper of Sinja Photo: Nina Subin

We hear the compelling story of a man who saved the lives of Yazidi women who were captured by Isis fighters in 2014. As they escaped, they were put in touch with Abdulla Shrem who used his networks throughout the region from when he was trading honey to get them to safety.

Poet and writer Dunya Mikhail, who is based in the USA, came across the beekeeper's story as she desperately tried to get information about relatives and friends caught up in the conflict. The women and Abdulla urged her to write their stories down to tell the world of what had happened in 2014.

Dunya Mikhail speaks with Kathryn Ryan.