5 Oct 2018

Weasel spotted at Zealandia

From Nine To Noon, 9:20 am on 5 October 2018
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Photo: composite

Wellington's pest-free wildlife sanctuary, Zealandia, is redoubling its efforts to catch a dangerous intruder after the sighting of a weasel inside its predator proof fence.

The ecosanctuary has been on high alert since Monday morning after it found mustelid paw tracks inside their boundary triggering an immediate hunt and incursion response.

Zealandia is home to many important populations of some of New Zealand's most threatened species and until yesterday - mustelids have not been seen there for about 10 years. 

Dr Danielle Shanahan, is the conservation and research manager at Zealandia.

Zealandia volunteers in action

Zealandia volunteers in action Photo: Suze Keith

The Zealandia volunteer first response team in action. They’ve got high tech equipment (old tshirts draped over brooms) to scrub the moss off the 10kms or so of fence line. Apparently the moss makes it easier for mustelids’ claws to stick to the fence cap.