18 Sep 2018

Adrienne Jansen: A Change of Key

From Nine To Noon, 10:07 am on 18 September 2018
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Adrienne Jansen's new novel A Change of Key is about community, music and a life in exile.  Adrienne Jansen has written extensively about the experience of migrants to New Zealand, both in fiction and non fictional forms. 

Her new novel tells the story of a multicultural group of migrants living in an inner-city block of social housing flats.

  Here Adrienne mines issues plaguing many migrants: a better life left behind, loneliness, friendship, loss - or in the protagonist's case in this novel - deliberate suppression of identity. 

Adrienne's writing draws on years of experience of living and working among immigrants in New Zealand, including founding the Porirua Language Project in the 1980s.  Adrienne founded and still teaches on  Whitireia Polytechnic's Creative Writing Programme.