11 Sep 2018

Dr Gavin Francis: To Transform is to be alive

From Nine To Noon, 10:06 am on 11 September 2018
GP and writer, Gavin Francis author of Shapeshifters

GP and writer, Gavin Francis author of Shapeshifters Photo: supplied

GP and award-winning writer, Gavin Francis explores the incredible transformation humans undergo through the course of a lifetime. His latest book Shapeshifters: On Medicine and Human Change considers the inevitable change our bodies go through like birth, puberty, and death, but also laughter, sleeping, and healing.

And then some changes that only a few will experience like getting a tattoo, experiencing psychosis, suffering anorexia, being pregnant, or undergoing a gender transition. He joins Kathryn to talk through the motivation for writing the book and what he learnt on the journey.

This is Gavin's fourth book - his first two works were journeys of a more literal kind: to the Arctic and Antarctic, while in his third he traveled through the ins and outs of the human body.