22 Dec 2017

Lotto's humble millionaire

From Nine To Noon, 9:40 am on 22 December 2017

When Lou Te Keeti won $10.3 million in the Lotto Powerball this year, he made a couple of unlikely decisions. 

One was to go public, and the other was to stay put. 

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Photo: Lotto

There have been no lavish overseas holidays - and a fleeting idea for a flash new house was quickly panned when his wife said he could "get stuffed".

Mr Te Keeti has gone about making the lives of those around him more comfortable instead.

He told Nine to Noon he and his wife were still very much part of the local community and got by on their super, but there is now money for some extras.

They have given money to their mokopuna, local marae and charities. He has also paid to tarseal to the road to the local urupa/cemetery, and for a bus for kaumatua to travel in.

However, they have spent a little on some "fun" for themselves.

Mr Te Keeti said being on the cusp of 70 he probably only has five or so years left. 

The only things he and his wife agree on is their children and horses, he said.

"This was her decision.

"As a consequence, a month ago we went up to Auckland [to] the regional Karaka sales [thoroughbred horse auction], and yes we outlaid a significant amount, about $750,000.

"And that's the having fun part of our lives."