20 Dec 2017

Grenfell survivors 'neglected' six months on

From Nine To Noon, 9:27 am on 20 December 2017

It may go down as one of the most memorable and haunting images of 2017 - the Grenfell Tower block of public housing flats in West London, ablaze in the early hours of the morning, fire spreading at an astonishing rate through all 24 storeys. Seventy-one people died in the tragedy, but now six months on it's the survivors who are feeling neglected and unheard. The majority of residents are still struggling in temporary accommodation, and advocates say they are now experiencing a collective mental health crisis. Kathryn speaks to a community organiser and campaigner who supported the Grenfell Tower residents' campaign, the Grenfell Action Group, Pilgrim Tucker; and the chief executive of the Federation of Master Builders, Brian Berry.