18 Oct 2017

Audit Culture: the creeping problem of our age

From Nine To Noon, 9:27 am on 18 October 2017
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Professor Cris Shore has looked at the rise of 'audit culture' and isn't a big fan. In fact, he calls the use of accountancy techniques and metrics to manage our universities, health services, and funding institutions, 'the creeping problem of our age'. He highlights this in a just published book called 'The death of the public university - uncertain futures for higher education in the knowledge economy'. Another example he points to is China's social credit rating system, where by 2020, everyone will be enrolled in a vast national database with a single number ranking for each citizen. The University of Auckland Professor of Social Anthropology, has just been awarded the Royal Society's Mason Durie Medal for his contributions to political anthropology and the study of organisations, governance and power.