Goats of Anarchy

From Nine To Noon, 10:12 am on 7 April 2017

Leanne Lauricella was a stressed-out corporate event planner in NYC, who ditched the job to volunteer at an animal sanctuary in New Jersey.

There, she took on two baby goats who were ill with E.coli.

After sharing a few pictures of the goats with family and friends on Instagram, her Goats of Anarchy page quickly took off. 

Today, her band of special needs goats has 430,000 Instagram followers and donations from fans around the world keep the operation going.

Lauricella speaks to Kathryn Ryan from her car - a temporary refuge from goat noises and needs.

"I've got frostbite cases, they're missing limbs, deformities, I've got blind babies, neurological disorders... One of them is having open heart surgery in a couple of weeks, which has never been done on a goat. With each baby that I take in, there's always a person or ten people that reach out to me and say 'I relate to this baby goat so much and I see him fighting so hard, and I have the same thing. I'm paralysed or I'm missing a limb, and if they can do it I can do it. They're so touched and they're so affected by these babies, and that's really been the most surprising part."