30 Aug 2016

Zealandia's new manager Danielle Shanahan

From Nine To Noon, 10:16 am on 30 August 2016

Wellington's wildlife centre, Zealandia is a haven for native species with a 225 hectare bush area surrounded by a predator-free fence. Kaka parrots and saddlebacks are thriving while tuatara bask in the sun outside only minutes from downtown Wellington.

Danielle Shanahan, the sanctuary's new conservation manager, discusses the extraordinary relationship between humans and nature which makes Zealandia such a unique experience.

"My own research has been looking into a whole suit of benefits that we get all at one time [while in nature]. For example, the impacts on depression, high blood pressure, and also there social benefits when we get out there and we see other people.

"These things can be improved with more biologically diverse environments."