30 Jun 2016

Digital Vs Human: Richard Watson

From Nine To Noon, 10:09 am on 30 June 2016

UK-based author and futurist Richard Watson's latest book Digital vs Human: how we'll live, love, and think in the future - takes a long hard look at how emerging technology is steering our lives.

Richard Watson

Richard Watson Photo: Supplied

The book also examines at how it's affecting our jobs, health, happiness, social structure and privacy.

Watson begs us to stay in the driving seat, making technology work for us, not the other way round, keeping human empathy and creativity at the fore.

He founded the What's Next global trends website, works with the Technology Foresight Practice at Imperial College London and lectures at the London Business School. 

He's been a consultant on trends to the likes of Virgin, Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and British supermarket Tesco.  He's also worked with the Strategic Trends Unit at the UK Ministry of Defence, and Departments of Education in the UK and Australia.

Digital vs Human is Watson 's fifth book looking into the future

He talks to Kathryn Ryan.