13 Jun 2016

Building Sustainable Homes

From Nine To Noon, 9:52 am on 13 June 2016
Andrea Reimer

Andrea Reimer Photo: supplied

Housing in New Zealand faces many challenges - not least reversing the health impacts of low-quality homes while meeting exploding demand. How do we resolve these thorny issues to create resilient, liveable homes and communities?

Kathryn Ryan talks to Andrea Reimer who was a driving force behind Vancouver becoming the world's fourth greenest city. As part of the city's goal to become the world's greenest city by 2020, Andrea says that only seven years into it, Vancouver has already reduced waste production and water consumption by 18 percent and greenhouse gas emissions have dropped 8 percent in the city, despite a rising population.

As in New Zealand, building medium-density, quality, affordable housing is an issue for Vancouver. Andrea says a thoughtful approach is necessary.

"If you're planning well what you do get is a community where seniors can find housing in as they age out of their single-family homes, you've got housing for families, you've got a rental market that's more accessible for people.

Andrea is sharing her ideas to Auckland's Sustainable Housing Summit.