23 Mar 2016

Maintaining job security for the next generation of workers

From Nine To Noon, 9:45 am on 23 March 2016
There's broad agreement lifting skills and producing more high tech graduates will help achieve a high wage economy.

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What jobs will be most vulnerable in the future? How do workers remain relevant? How do businesses keep their competitive edge? And what should we be teaching our children to stay ahead?

British economist Guy Standing, says the lower rungs in all the occupational groups are at risk, not just manufacturing, and a shakeup's needed.

Standing is Professor of Development Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London.

From August 2006 until January 2013, he was Professor of Economic Security at the University of Bath in the UK.

He is also a founder member and co-president of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN), a non-governmental organisation that promotes a citizenship income for all.  

He talks to Kathryn Ryan.