22 Mar 2016

Imploring employers to help people with disabilities

From Nine To Noon, 10:14 am on 22 March 2016
Adrian Coysh

Auckland recruitment consultant Adrian Coysh is a father of four, three of whom are slowly losing their vision, and he is appealing to employers to think about helping people with disabilities to get a job.

He specialised in job recruitment for accountants, but his life took a different turn and has a new emphasis.

The shocking news, six years ago, that one of his children had been diagnosed with the genetic condition retinitis pigmentosa led him to rethink his work-life.

The condition is degenerative and leads to blindness - and subsequently, two of his other children were diagnosed with the condition.

Coysh has used his experience running a recruitment company to set up the Possibility Project that aims to get employers to look at their hiring practices and how they can facilitate work for disabled people.

He talks to Kathryn Ryan about his business.