18 Mar 2016

Dr Catherine Crock on minimising stress for child patients and families

From Nine To Noon, 10:10 am on 18 March 2016
Catherine Crock

Australian physician Catherine Crock is on a mission to minimise the stress of child patients and their families. She has won numerous awards for her efforts to transform hospital culture.

Kathryn Ryan talks with Catherine Crock:

Catherine Crock works at The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. She is the physician in charge of the general anaesthesia list for painful procedures in children with cancer and also conducts clinics in the Centre for Adolescent Health. A large part of Catherine's work has been to minimise the stress and anxiety for families of sick children. Over the past ten years, she has achieved widespread acceptance for the routine use of general anaesthesia for lumbar punctures and other procedures. But she's also the founder of the Hush Music Foundation, which produces CDs of soothing music to help to minimise the stress of child oncology patients and their families.