20 Oct 2015

Almost half of NZ jobs at risk of automation

From Nine To Noon, 9:22 am on 20 October 2015

Sometime in the next 20 years there's about a 50/50 chance a robot is going to steal your job. And while traditional blue collar jobs like driving and labouring are likely to be the first to go - white collar like accountancy and administration are in the firing line as well. Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand and the New Zealand Economic Institute have jointly written a report "Disruptive Technologies: Risks, opportunities and New Zealand's ability to make the most of them". The report – which looks at new technologies like driverless cars, solar panels and life-extending drugs – is released in full today.

Chartered Accountants chief executive Lee White beams in to Nine to Noon ahead of the presentation.

Robot hand

Photo: Public Domain