26 May 2015

Best-selling author, and dog lover, Bruce Fogle

From Nine To Noon, 10:13 am on 26 May 2015

He's the best-selling author of 14 books translated into 35 languages. Canadian born, Bruce Fogle lives in London with his British actress wife, Julia Foster, their three grown children nearby, including son Ben Fogle - a well-known writer and broadcaster and adventurer. He's the co-founder of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and the chair of the international animal welfare organisation Humane Society International, a regular columnist and broadcaster and practicing vet. He's an absolute dog lover and his books about his travels with his golden retriever Macy through the United States and Europe were a hit. When Macy died, he wrote a newspaper column about the impact of her death on him which drew a huge response. Bruce Fogle has just published a memoir called Barefoot at the Lake.