9 Oct 2014

Parenting with John Kirwan - helping teens through tough times

From Nine To Noon, 11:31 am on 9 October 2014

John Kirwan Stand By Me

Sir John Kirwan's new book, Stand by Me, details his own experiences as a father, as well as the experiences of young people and includes  advice from clinical psychologists. The book gives parents practical advice on how to handle different situations and how best to offer them support and comfort without judgement.

He says he learnt a huge amount by talking directly to teens, and asking them how parents can get them to open up.

"And they said well the problem with you guys is you work all day  and then you charge in and want to be super dad for half an hour because you're finished work and that's what you think you should do … and wow, that really hit me, because its true."  

Sir John Kirwan talks to Kathryn Ryan about the best ways to help troubled teens.