6 Oct 2014

Manuka: the biography of an extraordinary honey

From Nine To Noon, 10:12 am on 6 October 2014

In his new book, Cliff Van Eaton tells the rags-to-riches tale of manuka honey, from his perspective as a beekeeping specialist who watched it unfold from the very beginning. It's the story of science, of the way a seemingly simple discovery caught the international media's attention, and of the history of the relationship between humans and honey bees. Cliff Van Eaton is a well-known writer on beekeeping subjects and is co-author of two books on bee diseases used by beekeepers in New Zealand and overseas. For over 30 years he worked as a beekeeping adviser and consultant in New Zealand, and has also assisted beekeepers in countries as diverse as the Solomon Islands, Uruguay and Vietnam. Manuka: the biography of an extraordinary honey, is published by Exisle, RRP $34.99.