09:05 Alcohol harm: older drinkers more likely to end up in ED

Binge drinking, especially among older age groups, is increasing pressure on hospital emergency departments, with one ED seeing the percentage of alcohol-related presentations more than doubling over a decade. The study into alcohol-related ED admissions at Christchurch Hospital, released today, gives insight into who is presenting and how. By 2022, nearly a quarter were aged 54 or over. The research, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, compared alcohol-related visits from 2013, 2017, and 2022. While the number of young drinkers in ED has fallen from one in three to just under one in five, over the decade, the percentage in the over-54 age group soared from 11.6 percent to nearly 24 percent. The University of Otago study provides a detailed snapshot of the Christchurch Hospital emergency department. Kathryn speaks to Dr Laura Joyce, a senior lecturer in emergency medicine and a specialist in the Emergency Department of Christchurch Hospital, and the study's lead researcher Dr Rose Crossin, an alcohol researcher at the University of Otago.

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09:20 Chatham Islands residents frustrated over unreliable cargo ship

The Chatham Islands.

The Chatham Islands. Photo: RNZ / Matthew Theunissen

Residents who live on the Chatham Islands are growing frustrated as they await a replacement for their unreliable cargo ship. The 38-year-old Southern Tiare is meant to visit twice a month, however it is prone to breakdowns and infrequently visits. Last year it was taken out for planned maintenance for close to four months. The Government has promised $30m for a replacement vessel, and work is underway to begin the design process of that. Tony Anderson runs one of the largest farms on the island, and had no choice but to destroy 400 cattle last year because he couldn't get them shipped off. Tony Anderson and Chatham Islands Shipping chairperson Brodie Stevens speak with Kathryn Ryan.

09:45 Asia correspondent Ed White

Ed White is a correspondent for the Financial Times, based in Shanghai. Ed discusses the delegation China is sending to North Korea - the highest-level visit in five years, South Korea's election and Japan's Prime Minister has been in Washington this week. 

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins is at the World Economic Forum, where he has met with Zhao Leji, Chairman of the Standing Committee

Zhao Leji is one of China's highest ranking officials and is on his way to North Korea. Photo: RNZ / Nate McKinnon

10:05 CL Miller on her debut antiques murder novel

CL Miller and book cover

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CL Miller grew up in a world full of antiques. So it's perhaps unsurprising that it's the setting for her debut novel: 'The Antique Hunter's Guide to Murder'. The  mystery begins with the death of an antiques dealer in the English countryside and follows the attempt by his estranged protegee to track down his killer in the murkier side of the antiques world - one of dodgy deals and forgeries. Fans of antiques will love the detail in this book - many of the key pieces mentioned are real and have quite the history behind them. It's something the author, Cara, learned from her mother, the late Judith Miller - who was an author and specialist on the beloved British TV show Antiques Roadshow.

10:35 Book review: Last Best Chance by Brooke Dunnell 

Photo: Freemantle Press

Laura Caygill reviews Last Best Chance by Brooke Dunnell published by Fremantle Press: "A light story of fertility struggles that itself struggles to fulfill its potential"

10:45 Around the motu: Kelly Makiha 

Harawene the  car watching dog at Te Ngae Road. 22 December 2005

Harawene the car watching dog at Te Ngae Road. 22 December 2005 Photo: Andrew Warner - the Rotorua Daily Post

Kelly backgrounds the history of Harawene, a much loved late terrier cross that captivated locals and motorists for years, so much so that a statue of the stray dog was erected, causing outrage when it was stolen. Also the street clean up than hasn't gone as planned.

Rotorua Daily Post senior journalist Kelly Makiha

11:05 New music with Jeremy Taylor

Vampire Weekend, 'Harmony Hall', video still

Vampire Weekend, 'Harmony Hall', video still Photo: Vampire Weekend, Columbia Records

Jeremy brings a smorgasbord of newly-released and reissued music from NYC's Vampire Weekend, Dublin's Sprints, Hertfordshire's Wham!, and Palmerston North's Polite Company (via London).

11:30 Sports commentator Dana Johannsen

In a move proving controversial, athletics has become the first sport to offer prize money to Olympic champions, announcing that gold medallists in Paris will earn US$50,000. A Brisbane-based rugby fan became the first person to be prosecuted for online abuse of a rugby referee during last year's Rugby World Cup in what has been described as a landmark case. And Netball's ANZ Premiership gets under way this weekend and the big question is - is there any team that can challenge the Mystics' dominance?

Mila Reuelu-Buchanan
ANZ Premiership Netball Grand Final 2023. Stars v Mystics, Globox Arena, Hamilton, New Zealand. Sunday 4 June 2023. © Mandatory credit: Andrew Cornaga / www.photosport.nz

Photo: Andrew Cornaga/www.photosport.nz

11:45 The week that was with Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther

Comedians Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther bring some of the lighter moments of the week, including a worker at a German art gallery who was fired for sneaking in his own painting, and a plane being diverted by a dog poo.

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