09:05 Police top brass need to do more about PTSD: welfare group

Police responding to reports of a serious incident on Quay Street on 20 July, 2023.

Photo: RNZ

A welfare organisation for police officers says the incidence of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among police officers is on the rise, and police management is neither recognising the condition nor responding to it. A 2021 independent survey of serving and retired New Zealand police officers found 43 percent of respondents believed they had PTSD to some extent, while 14 per cent had clinically significant PTSD. The side effects can be depression, emotional numbing and suicide. Allister Rose is a former police officer awarded the New Zealand Bravery Star for his involvement in the shooting and capture of a rampaging offender in the hills above Lower Hutt 2007. He was diagnosed with PTSD and set up the Hatikvah Blue Hope Foundation two years ago to advocate for the wellbeing,  health and safety of serving and retired police officers. Former Police Commissioner Mike Bush is Ambassador for the Foundation. Allister Rose speaks with Kathryn Ryan, with Police Superintendent Mel Aitken, Director - Safer People.

09:30 Closed to harassment: Kiwis urged to take part in 'social media self-defence course'

Kiwi companies are being urged to let their employees down tools at 10am tomorrow and take part in what's being described as a 'social media self defence course'. Called 'Closed to Harassment', the course has been created by online safety group Netsafe as a way to combat negative comments, abuse and threats in online spaces. Netsafe says harmful communication was up by 24 per cent in its State of the Online Nation study, with almost 25 per cent of people reporting unwanted contact. So what does the 'Closed to Harassment' course involve? Kathryn is joined by Netsafe's Chief Online Safety Officer Sean Lyons.

Man holding sign saying 'closed to harassment'

Photo: Netsafe

09:45  UK: Fire island tourism, Spacey cleared, bank boss leaker quits, Tories lose seats


UK correspondent Matthew Parris joins us to talk about the thousands of British travelers still heading to the wild-fire hit Greek islands, as the Foreign Office advice remains "get insurance". US actor Kevin Spacey has been cleared of the sexual assault of four men, NatWest boss Alison Rose has quit after admitting she leaked private information about Nigel Farage's finance to the BBC, the Tories lose two seats in recent byelections and a British winemaker has taken a prestigious award for her pinot.

Tourists being evacuated from Rhodes, Kevin Spacey, Nigel Farage.

Photo: AFP

10:05  Putin's Prisoner: Surviving six months of brutality 

Aiden Aslin

Photo: Supplied / AFP

In April last year British man Aiden Aslin was fighting with the Ukrainian marines, when they were cornered at the Mariupol steelworks on the frontline of the war in Ukraine. Under siege, he was part of a mass surrender after his battalion ran out of food and ammunition - but that was just the beginning of his ordeal. Aiden Aslin then spent a harrowing six months as a Russian prisoner of war, where he was beaten, tortured, forced to record propaganda videos, and sentenced to death. Aiden was eventually freed in a prisoner exchange in September last year. He's now written a book about his experience called Putin's Prisoner: My Time as a Prisoner of War in Ukraine, which he co-wrote with veteran British war reporter John Sweeney. Kathryn hears his incredible tale of survival. 

10:35 Book review: Audition by Pip Adams

Photo: Te Herenga Weka University Press

Ash Davida Jane reviews Audition by Pip Adams published by Te Herenga Weka University Press

10:45 Around the motu : Jonathan Leask in Ashburton

Flooding in the Ashburton River forced the closure of the SH1 bridge on Sunday 23 July 2023.

Flooding in the Ashburton River forced the closure of the SH1 bridge on Sunday. Photo: Ashburton District Council

There’s been more heavy rain and flooding  in Ashburton, shutting the State Highway 1 Ashburton/Hakatere River Bridge for the second time in three years, which Jonathan says effectively cut the South Island in half for 12 hours. This has ramped up calls for a second bridge. Farmers say the latest flooding should also be a wake up call for ECan and the Government to channel more support to protection, rather than expensive recovery.

Local Democracy Reporter - Mid Canterbury Jonathan Leask from the Ashburton Guardian


11:05 Tech: AI company trust, robot teachers, X marks the spot?

Technology correspondent Mark Pesce joins Kathryn to talk about a pledge between AI companies and US President Joe Biden that would see them ensure products are safe before release, put security first and ways for users to determine what is AI-generated. But it's not binding - so is this just a way for the companies to get themselves out of regulatory oversight? Researchers in California have found a way for robots to teach each other - what will they be learning? Twitter is now X - but it's rollout hasn't exactly been smooth, with possible trademark issues and trouble getting 'Twitter' off the side of the building. 

A worker removes letters from the Twitter sign that is posted on the exterior of Twitter headquarters on July 24, 2023 in San Francisco, California. Workers began removing the letters from the sign outside Twitter headquarters less than 24 hours after CEO Elon Musk officially rebranded Twitter as "X" and has changed its iconic bird logo, the biggest change he has made since taking over the social media platform. San Francisco police halted the sign removal shortly after it began.

Elon Musk said Twitter would be known as X Photo: Getty via AFP

11:25     Parenting : big feelings experience by little people 

Trace Moroney titles

Photo: Glenda Wakeham

We're looking at how a range of emotions that children experience can be addressed through age appropriate books. Children's author and illustrator Trace Moroney creates stories about feelings and how to deal with them. More than 11 million copies of her books have sold globally, and been translated into 26 languages. They include content that can help build emotional and social intelligence. Her latest book is Stress anxiety and me, it is from her My Emotions series. Previous titles include The Grief Wave and Little Big Bully.


11:45 Screentime: Full Circle, The Bear s2, Following the Ferns

Film and TV correspondent Tamar Munch joins Kathryn to talk about Full Circle - a limited series on Neon that focuses on a botched kidnapping and the secrets that come tumbling out as a result. The Bear (Disney) is back for season two to stir up the heat in the kitchen again, this time as the sandwich shop is transformed into a fine dining restaurant. And Following the Ferns follows eight Football Ferns making their mark at professional clubs and American colleges.

Movie posters

Photo: IMDb, Neon