09:05 Drug Foundation proposes overdose prevention centre in Auckland

NZ Drug Foundation executive director Sarah Helm.

NZ Drug Foundation executive director Sarah Helm. Photo: Supplied/NZ Drug Foundation

The NZ Drug Foundation is proposing a trial of an overdose prevention centre in central Auckland, providing a safe, medically-supervised setting for people who are taking drugs. The three year pilot programme would also provide basic health, harm reduction and support services. The Drug Foundation hopes it will take drug use off the streets, reduce harm and save lives. Its main focus will be those experiencing homelessness, and people who are taking synthetic cannabinoids, a drug which was caused at least 51 deaths between 2016 and 2020. Kathryn speaks to Sarah Helm, executive director of the Drug Foundation. 

09:30 Christchurch mayoral race's colourful cast of characters

Nine to Noon continues to look at who's in the running to head up our biggest cities after local elections in October, with a focus today on the 11 candidates vying to be mayor of Christchurch. Three-term mayor Lianne Dalziel announced last July she'd be stepping down as mayor, having overseen nearly a decade's worth of the city's rebuild following the devastating earthquakes. The two major contenders for the role are Burwood city councillor Phil Mauger and former Canterbury District Health Board chief executive David Meates. Other contenders include the city's Wizard, a coffee boss, pro-gun pastor and a candidate who's stood in every election since 1971. For more, Kathryn is joined by David Williams, the South Island correspondent for Newsroom.co.nz.

Lianne Dalziel, question mark

Photo: RNZ, Pixabay

09:45 UK correspondent Matt Dathan

Britain's Foreign Secretary Liz Truss addresses the launch of her campaign to become the next leader of the Conservative party in London on July 14, 2022. - Britain's ruling Conservative party is looking for a leader to succeed Prime Minister Boris Johnson amid growing acrimony over alleged dirty tricks. (Photo by JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP)

Liz Truss. Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS

Matt Dathan has the latest news from the UK. Boris Johnson is on a farewell tour ahead of his departure from No10 on Tuesday. A new prime minister will be announced on Monday, and is widely expected to be Liz Truss. She’ll be inheriting the cost of living crisis and a soaring energy price cap.  Meanwhile Boris Johnson has refused to rule out a comeback.

Matt Dathan is Home Affairs Editor at The Times

10:05 Matthew Reilly on writing action thrillers and making his directing debut

When his first novel was rejected by publishers in Australia, Matthew Reilly did the ultimate DIY job - he took out a loan, published it himself and convinced Sydney book stores to stock it. The book, Contest, was picked up by a commissioning editor at Pan MacMillan - and the rest is best-seller history. Matthew has written over a dozen books and short stories - including his Jack West series,  selling over seven and a half million copies world-wide. He recently directed the Netflix film Interceptor and his new book Cobalt Blue, is out on bookshelves now.

Matthew Reilly profile, Cobalt Blue book cover

Photo: Supplied

10:35 Book review - The Wandering Nature of Us Girls by Frankie McMillan

cover image for the book "The Wandering Nature of Us Girls"

Photo: Canterbury University Press

Airini Beautrais reviews The Wandering Nature of Us Girls by Frankie McMillan, published by Canterbury University Press   

10:45 The Reading

 My Beautiful Balloon by Carl Nixon read by Nick Blake Pt 1 of 2


11:05 Tech: Do rural areas need their own fibre network? More women coders wanted

Technology correspondent Bill Bennett looks at what European countries are doing to boost rural fibre networks - should New Zealand do the same? GCHQ in the UK is looking to recruit more female coders to tackle online threats, Google is accused of "airbrushing" out aviation emissions and more than half of all Bitcoin trades may actually be fake.

no caption

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11:25 Helping children overcome the impact of covid

schoolgirl in medical mask near teacher, apple and classmates on blurred foreground

Photo: 123RF

Kathryn talks with parenting coach and education consultant Joseph Driessen about helping children overcome the effects of the Covid epidemic,  at home,  at school,  and with their friends.

11:45 Film & TV: House of Dragon, The Sandman, Ring of Power

Sci-fi lovers rejoice! There's a heap of new fantasy shows out there. Film and TV correspondent Chris Schulz looks at House of the Dragon, The Sandman and Ring of Power.

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